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About the Recipe


  • 1 lb of CVP Skirt Steak

  • 1 Onion

  • Red Bell Pepper

  • Orange Bell Pepper

  • Garlic Powder

  • Sea Salt

  • Cumin (optional)

  • Oregano (optional)

  • Tortillas

  • Rice (optional on side)

  • Desired Taco Toppings


  1. Season skirt steak with garlic powder, sea salt, cumin (optional), and oregano (optional).

  2. Cook in hot skillet or on hot cooktop, flipping over only once after a couple of minutes on each side. This allows a crust to form and locks in flavor and moisture.

  3. Pull from heat and let it rest on a cutting board while you saute the vegetables.

  4. You don’t want to overcook this cut of meat- it will become tough and chewy!

  5. Saute onions and bell peppers in the fat and juices from the meat. If needed, add beef tallow for additional fat.

  6. Slice into thin strips when ready to eat.

  7. Serve in a tortilla or over rice with a squeeze of lime, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, or your favorite toppings.

  8. Enjoy!

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