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5th Generation Ranchers

We are Austin and Jessica Ham and we are glad you're here! We both come from ranching families and can't imagine doing anywhere else. There are many generations of ranchers on each side of our families and we are raising the next generation to love and care for the land and animals too. 

Our family is excited to offer you quality beef at an affordable price. It is our HONOR to be a part of the meals you serve with those you love most and be a small part of memories that will last a lifetime!

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Regenerative | Rotational Grazing | Grass-Fed & Finished | No Grains | No Till | No Hormones | No Antibiotics | Non-GMO
Canyon Valley Provisions


As a third generation rancher, Austin's grandfather adopted the holistic management principals in 1987 which were championed by Allan Savory. We are the fifth generation of ranchers and have chosen to continue and add on to those holistic principles. Many friends inquired about purchasing our holistically raised beef and Canyon Valley Provisions was created in 2019.


Holistic management of a cowherd encompasses many things. Our animals are kept in one herd and are always on the move across the ranch. This provides the rangeland with several key needs; trampling of old growth, aeration of the soil, and ample time for plants to recover. We move our cattle horseback and still feel that this is the most effective way to get things done.

"Grass fed" and "grass finished" are common terms but we prefer to call our beef “wild crafted” because there is more to the animals’ diet than just grass. Yes, our cattle are grass fed and grass finished, but that is only a part of the picture.

We are blessed to have native rangeland so our animals have access to a diverse salad bar of grasses, forbs, legumes, and woody plants to eat. The flavor and nutrients of our beef is found in that amazing diversity! For instance, each cut of meat is full of Omega3’s, providing you with healthy fats that nourish your mind and body. Our management style also ensures that every piece of meat is completely absent of added hormones, antibiotics herbicides, or pesticides.

It is our goal to bring health to our animals, our land, our family, and yours.

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